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2017 Orange County Community Conference

Meet us at the 2017 Orange County Community Conference! There will be innovative workshops, tons of exhibitors and a great time mingling with other neighborhood leaders. We encourage you to register early! Register by going to the link in the picture below. 

Register here!

Azalea Park Community Clean Up

District 3 Commissioner Pete Clarke, District Aid Mercedes Fonseca, Azalea Park Safe Neighborhood President Kevin Turner and the residents of Azalea Park would like to thank everyone that came out Saturday to help make their community clean up a complete success.  The weather was beautiful and it was just a perfect day for a community clean up.

Solid Waste provided the services of FCC to collect the bulky items in the community and they received 27,960 lbs. of bulky items, tires, trash and debris equaling 13.98 tons.  The Environmental Protection Divisoin had 18 household hazardous waste appointments and  they chose to do their pickup during the week.  They collected 1,950 lbs. of household hazardous waste equaling .97 tons.  Giving us our grand totals of 29,910 lbs. of bulky items, tires, trash, debris and household hazardous waste equaling 14.95 tons.   Code Enforcement provided three officers to assist with the transportation and supervision of all the volunteers.  All work areas were completed thanks to the assistance of the South Orlando Soccer Club (what a great group of young men!!!),  Alternative Community Services, the State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and the residents of Azalea Park and concerned volunteers.  Animal Services provided the services of Daniel McCracken to help ensure the safety of all the volunteers; great job Daniel.  

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Tildenville Community Clean Up

District 1 Commissioner Scott Boyd and the residents of Tildenville would like to thank everyone for coming out and participating in their community clean up.  This clean-up was our first event of the fall season and it got off to a great start.

Solid Waste was on hand and they provided the services of Advanced Disposal and they collected 9,800 lbs. of bulky items, tires, trash and debris throughout the community equaling 4.90 tons.  Animal Services was on hand to ensure the safety of the volunteers and things went on without any animal issues.  EPD had an appointment to collect household hazardous waste and they did.  Tajuana Collier and Melya Tavel were there from Code Enforcement to help provide supervision and transportation for the volunteers and Karen White and Ta’Kesha Dumas provided volunteers from Alternative Community Services.  The event was a success and we appreciate everyone who showed up to help.

tildenville-community-clean-up-3 tildenville-community-clean-up-2



November Events at the Edgewater Branch Library

This November, the Edgewater Branch Library will be hosting tons of family-friendly events for people of all ages. You will be able to watch a marathon of Pixar’s Finding Nemo and Finding Dory or take a series of technology classes.


For a full list of programs and events that are available, click here.

For a calendar of events, click here.

Call to Artists

Good afternoon!

We’re hosting a Hispanic Literature Festival at Chickasaw on October 8th and are looking for published authors to participate. Please forward the below information to your Cuatro Gators groups and/or the staff members who work with them. I’ve also attached a simple flier, in case you want to print the information for your groups/patrons.

In summary: it is from 1-4pm, each author will be responsible for the sale of their own books, the authors will sit at a table while patrons make their way around the room. There is also limited availability for the authors to read no more than five-minutes from their book on the stage, in the first hour of the event. For this event, the authors must publish books written in the Spanish language.

Thank you so much for your help and please let me know if you have any questions!


Viva la literature hispana!

¡El festival de literatura hispana ocurrira el sabado, 8 de octubre de 1 – 4 p.m. en la biblioteca de Chickasaw.

¿Tiene autores o es un autor interesado en participar?

Más detalles:

Los autores tendría una mesa para el período de tres horas. Puedes hablar con el público que visitan la mesa y sería responsable para la venta de sus libros. También tendrá la oportunidad de inscribirse para hacer una lectura de 5 minutos en el escenario en la primera hora del evento. Buscamos autores específicamente de libros en español por favor.

El numero de autores es limitado y el espacio se llenará rápidamente.

Sarah Fisk
Events & Programs Planner
Events & Programs Department

Orange County Library System
101 East Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32801


New Pine Castle Station Sign

Hello Residents and Friends of Pine Castle!!

Just a note to let you know that our new Historic Pine Castle Station sign created for and by Pine Castle Safe Communities Association has been inserted into the wall of our new Wawa station/store being constructed at the intersection of S. Orange Avenue and Sand Lake Road, across from McDonald’s and next door to Burger King. A big thanks goes to our outstanding Commissioner Pete Clarke for all the work he has done not only just concerning this particular effort, but for our entire community during the last four years!! Way to go Pete!

You may or may not know that Jo’an’s grandson, Jason Arundle, an architect, designed our Historic Pine Castle Station sign all by himself!!  Didn’t he do a great job?!!  Kudos to Jo’an and Jason!!

Stop by Wawa once they open, give them some business and let them know that Pine Safe Communities Association appreciates their recognition for our beloved Pine Castle!!

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Warm regards,

Judy Martin
Former President

Orlo Vista Candidate Forum

OV Logo

On Tuesday May 17, 2016, the Orlo Vista United Safe Neighborhood will be hosting the Orlo Vista Candidate Forum.

Please plan to join us for the opportunity to meet face to face and ask questions with some of the candidates campaigning for the local and state elections coming up. The Orange County offices open for election and candidates invited to attend are: Clerk of the Courts, Comptroller, Sheriff, Property Appraiser, Tax Collector, Supervisor of Elections, various School Board Districts, and Soil and Water Commissioners. Candidates for both U.S. Congress and U.S Senate have been invited to participate as well.

The event will take place from 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M., at the Orlo Vista Chamber of Commerce.

South Goldenrod to begin the St.Art Something Program

Vernon Box

The South Goldenrod Safe Neighborhood Program is proud to announce that they are painting traffic boxes within their community. This is being done through the St.Art Something program, which aims to paint the traffic signal boxes within a community. This is a county wide initiative and strives to create a sense of place and strengthen a community’s identity. If you would like to initiate this program in your community please contact Cristina Pichardo-Cruz at 407.836.5621

New Pine Castle Reader Board

Pine Castle Reader Board

The Pine Castle Safe Communities Preservation Association would like to thank June Schuman for her hard work in getting our community reader board and getting it installed.  We would also like to thank June Schumann and Michael McCourt for putting our first message on the board.  A big thank you to Lavon Williams, Cristina Pichardo-Cruz and our wonderful Commissioner Pete Clarke.  Without you all this would not have been possible.  Because of you all, great things are happening in Pine Castle.